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Djarum Black Grande Filtered

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Djarum Black Grande Filtered Cigars

Djarum Black Grande Filtered cigars are amongst the most searched for cigars in the world. So, we try to keep Djarum Black Grande Filtered cigars in stock at all times. These cigars originate from Indonesia and are packaged in a Carton of 120 cigars. Cigars-Now sells Djarum Black Grande Filtered cigars online at discount prices. While they may not be cheap, we do sell them at the lowest price possible.

Cigar: Djarum Black Grande Filtered
Category: Djarum
Brand: Djarum
Origin: Indonesia

Unit/Pack: Carton
Quantity: 120
Price: $49.99
Inventory Status: Live

Size: 3 x 24
Shape: Regular
Wrapper: Natural
Flavor: Other

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The earliest clove-infused kretek emerged out of the 1880s to become one of the most enjoyed smokes on the planet, evolving into today’s deliciously satisfying Djarum Black Grande. Rich in spicy goodness and with a crowd-pleasing aroma, the Djarum Black Grande Filtered cigar is the ultimate in sensory gratification!

The Djarum Black Grande is a larger 3” x 24 smoke that is formed around Djarum’s famously smooth tobaccos which are topped off by a special recipe of natural cloves and other spices which create a one of a kind smoking experience.

The Djarum Black Grande is the ideal choice for those with refined tastes looking for more out of their little cigars. Available in cartons of 120, these tasty treasures are primed and ready for action no matter the occasion.