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Diamond Crown Oxford Ashtray

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Cigar Brand : Diamond Crown Ashtrays

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Diamond Crown cigars are some of the World’s most exquisite smokes and with so much class and distinction, it is only fitting the cigars should have an ashtray equal to their magnificence. The Diamond Crown Oxford Ashtray is a stunning accessory that will add a touch of Diamond Crown opulence to any home or office.

The Diamond Crown Oxford Ashtray is a gorgeous rectangular-shaped creation that has a deeply textured high gloss Brazilian Rosewood finish with black accents, making for an eye-catching centerpiece to any cigar smoking area. A crystal dish sporting the Diamond Crown logo is inserted into the center to add even more elegance, making the Diamond Crown Oxford Ashtray the perfect gathering spot for good conversation and great smokes. This stunning ashtray accommodates up to two large cigars and will prove a most gratifying addition to any cigar kit.