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Craftsman's Bench "Trident" Ashtray

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Craftsman's Bench "Trident" Ashtray Cigars

Craftsman's Bench "Trident" Ashtray cigars are amongst the most searched for cigars in the world. So, we try to keep Craftsman's Bench "Trident" Ashtray cigars in stock at all times. These cigars originate from and are packaged in a NULL of cigars. Cigars-Now sells Craftsman's Bench "Trident" Ashtray cigars online at discount prices. While they may not be cheap, we do sell them at the lowest price possible.

Cigar: Craftsman's Bench "Trident" Ashtray
Category: Craftsmans Bench
Brand: Craftsmans Bench

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There is only one source for cigar accessories which are of the highest quality and greatest value that strikes the perfect balance between form and function: Craftsman’s Bench. Putting great thought into every detail, the Craftsman’s Bench design team has created some of the finest ashtrays around and one of the all-time favorites is the unique Craftsman’s Bench Trident Ashtray.

This triangular shaped beauty features a gorgeous glossy black finish with gold colored trim. With each side measuring out at 8 ½” and a 1 ¼” deep trough, along with three cigar rests which will accommodate up to 54 ring gauged cigars, the Craftsman’s Bench Trident Ashtray is perfectly suited for any location. Bringing style and elegance to the cigar smoking experience, the Craftsman’s Bench Trident Ashtray is simply one of the best!