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Craftsman's Bench "Sterling" Ashtray

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Cigar Brand : Craftsmans Bench
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For years Craftsman’s Bench has been offering cigar lovers the very best cigar accessories that are at once high-quality, functional, stylish and affordable. And there is no better example of the impressive Craftsman’s Bench creations than the classic Sterling Ashtray. Designed to bring elegance to any setting, this beauty will make a fine addition to any home, office or cigar cave.

The Craftsman’s Bench Sterling Ashtray is a 7 ¼” round wonder, featuring a glossy black finish with silver edging that makes it an elegant standout. With a 1 ¼” deep bowl and four cigar rests that will accommodate cigars of up to a 54 ring gauge, the Craftsman’s Bench Sterling Ashtray is simply a grand decision for one and all.