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Cojimar Minis Truffles Cigars

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Cigar Brand : Cojimar
Cigar Diameter : 28
Cigar Length : 3 1/4
Wrapper : Connecticut
Shape : Regular
Cigar Flavor : Chocolate
Origin : Dominican Republic
Packaging & Quantity : Tin of 10

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Since 1996 Cojimar has cultivated a reputation as the go-to choice for cigars that are sweet, smooth and satisfying. And one of the all-time favorites is the delightfully delectable Cojimar Minis Truffles. Oozing with thick and creamy chocolate flavors, these little treasures are simply must haves for one and all.

The Cojimar Minis Truffles are 3 ¼” x 28 wonders crafted around plush Dominican binder and filler tobaccos which are surrounded by an enticing Connecticut wrapper. With sensuous chocolate flavors infused into the mix, the Cojimar Minis Truffles emerge as tasty and mellow smokes perfect for any time of day.

The Cojimar Minis Truffles will delight the sense like no other small flavored cigar available today and will prove the perfect companions to morning coffee or after dinner desserts. Grab a tin of 10 little slices of cigar smoking heaven today.