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Al Capone Sweets Filtered Display Tower

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Cigar Brand :Al Capone
Cigar Diameter :20
Cigar Length :3 1/2
Wrapper :Colorado Claro
Shape :Regular
Cigar Flavor :Cognac
Origin :Honduras
Packaging Type :Small Packs

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Al Capone Sweets are some of the most popular small cigars in the land and, although many are drawn to them simply because of the name that instills images of gangsters and Tommy guns, it is the sumptuously tobaccos and delicious smoke that keeps cigar lovers coming back for more.

The Al Capone Sweets are beautifully crafted 3 ½” x 20 Cigarillos featuring the finest Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobaccos which are splashed with the sweet and supple nuances of Cognac. The end result is a wondrously smooth smoke that will deliver intensely pleasing taste without throwing you off schedule.

Short, sweet and marvelously delicious, the Al Capone Sweets are the choice no matter the situation. The Al Capone Tower is a wondrous way to enjoy these fantastic small cigars, being offered in a unit of 120 Al Capone Sweets.