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Craftsman's Bench 54 Ring Black Leather Churchill Travel Case

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# Cigar Brand : Craftsmans Bench
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Craftsman’s Bench products are the overwhelming choice for everyday cigar enthusiasts, offering exquisitely made accessories that are both stylish and affordable. Their impressive line of cigar cases has been at the heart of Craftsman’s Bench success, each delivering a functional, yet beautifully elegant form perfect for any occasion. And the Craftsman’s Bench Black Leather Churchill Cigar Case is as good as it gets!

The Craftsman’s Bench Black Leather Churchill Cigar Case is one of the all-time favorites, constructed out of sturdy materials that help keep up to 3 of your favorite cigars. Accommodating cigars up to 8 ½” x 54 in size, the Black Leather Churchill Cigar Case features a wondrously textured leather outer and protective wood lining that makes for a luxurious must-have accessory for travelling or nights out on the town.