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Acid Kuba Kuba (Pack of 6)

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Pack of Acid Kuba Kuba (Pack of 6) Cigars

Cigars-Now offers packs of Acid Kuba Kuba (Pack of 6) cigars by Acid Blue for sale online at discounted prices. Acid Kuba Kuba (Pack of 6) is/are also available at wholesale rates for those customers possessing a valid retailer's license.

Category: Cigar Packs
Brand: Acid Blue
Origin: Nicaragua

Unit/Pack: Loose Pack
Quantity: 6

Size: 5 x 54
Shape: Regular
Wrapper: Sumatra
Flavor: Other

Acid Kuba Kuba (Pack of 6) are also available by the box or bundle.

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The Acid brand of cigars is one of the industry’s best selling and leading the way is the wildly popular Acid Kuba Kuba. Oozing with sumptuous flavors and aromas, the Acid Kuba Kuba is simply one of the most uniquely satisfying smokes ever.

The Acid Kuba Kuba is a beautifully crafted 5” x 54 cigar constructed around lush tobaccos that have been infused with essential oils, herbs and botanicals using Drew Estate’s secret infusion process. A Sumatra wrapper leaf completes the luxurious medium-bodied smoke.

With sweet and spicy nuances flowing out of each puff, the Acid Kuba Kuba is as gratifying a smoke as there is and will prove a fantastic option no matter the time or place. The Acid Kuba Kuba is offered in boxes of 24 cigars, loose packs of 6 or individually.