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Acid Collector Tin Cigars

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Cigar Brand : Acid
Cigar Diameter : Various Diameters
Cigar Length : Various Lengths
Wrapper : Various
Shape : Various
Cigar Flavor : Other
Origin : Nicaragua
Packaging & Quantity : Sealed Pack of 14

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Drew Estate’s Acid cigars offer some of the most wildly pleasing smokes to be found anywhere, utilizing sumptuous tobaccos that have been infused with special blends of essential oils, herbs and botanicals. With a wide range of tastes, characters and sizes there is simply no better way to experience all of the goodness that Acid cigars have to offer than with the limited edition Acid Collectors Tin.

The Acid Collectors Tin is filled with an impressive array of 14 of the most popular Acid cigars, giving the cigar enthusiast a wonderful survey of the world of Acid cigars.

Each Collector Tin includes one each of the Acid One, Acid Atom Maduro, Acid Blondie, Acid Cold Infusion Tea, Acid Extra Ordinary Larry, Acid Kuba Kuba, Acid 1400cc, Acid Nasty, Acid Toast and 5 Acid C-Note cigars.