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Acid 1400CC Cigars

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Cigar Brand :Acid Blue
Cigar Diameter :50
Cigar Length :5
Wrapper :Connecticut
Shape :Regular
Cigar Flavor :Other
Origin :Nicaragua
Packaging Type :Box

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The team at Drew Estate has gained the reputation for consistently throwing tradition out the window to create cigars so unique and deliciously satisfying that their smokes have become some of the best-selling cigars in America. Prepare your taste-buds for the flavor revolution that is Acid 1400cc.

The 1400cc is wondrously aromatic 5” x 50 cigar that is comprised of specially cultivated tobaccos which are infused with botanicals, herbs and essential oils using a special process that adds the supple flavor and aroma to the tobacco without overwhelming the tobacco blend itself.

Smooth and creamy with tons of taste and aroma, the Acid 1400cc is a mind-blowing escape that will get the taste-buds revved up and wanting more. Join the flavor party and get your box of 18 Acid 1400cc cigars today!