Enhance Your Cigar Experience With A Quality Cigar Lighter

Evenly lighting a cigar can be a challenge with a standard lighters, which is why torch lighters, table top lighters and specialty cigar lighters are always in demand. These cigar lighter models are designs to provide a more powerful flame that can be controlled to provide the optimal flame for lighting smaller and larger cigars.

As a cigar has a moist tobacco, using the right cigar lighter will make a difference in creating an even lighting experience and a better burn. At Cigars-Now.com we offer hundreds of different cigar and torch lighter styles to choose from, allowing you to pick the look and the design that is just right for your personal preference.

Black Label Lighters


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Xikar Ellipse II Silver Triple Torch Lighter

Price: $80.99

Xikar ELX Lighter - Black

Price: $58.99

Xikar ELX Lighter G2

Price: $58.99

Xikar Enigma II Lighter - Gunmetal

Price: $53.99

Xikar EX Lighter - Black

Price: $49.99

Xikar EX Lighter - Brushed Silver

Price: $53.99

Xikar Executive 502 Lighter - Black

Price: $29.99

Xikar Executive 502 Lighter - Gunmetal

Price: $35.99

Xikar Executive 502 Lighter - Silver

Price: $35.99

Xikar Executive Lighter Gift Pack - Black

Price: $107.99

Xikar Executive Lighter Gift Pack - Gunmetal

Price: $107.99

Xikar Flash Lighter - Gunmetal

Price: $26.99
Torch Lighters
Minimal Price: $26.99